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       “This is painting of expressive prosody, “meeting of subjective and historical memory”, which aim is to present simultaneous correlation between real, imaginative, past and present. Specifically, transformations of visual data find their place in abstract compositions along with associative forms which indicate or rationally transfer specific characteristics of natural shapes. On exhibition “XXX” Albijanic presented himself with watercolors and as colourist on which he projects small pieces of his memory and natural elements. Clashing and imbuing of material, shape, recipients of the past and modern times, he managed to connect foreign elements, which on his work exist together like bearers of subjective ideological and poetical paradigms.

       The area of composition is closed, confined on plastic core which is defined successively and rhythmically organized frontal shapes, which are set in strata structures which open area plans towards virtual depth. In this painting of classical tranquility, which sank into silence of stopped time, elements which give him new quality appear. While objects of “real world”, which are usually fishes, presented with the mimetic precision, Albijanic’s fantasy and need for game developed in decorative sequences which are clear in plastic layer of the painting. Discipline and arrangement, spirit of synthesis and simplicity, make characteristic of his strictly controlled compositional complexes in which reflects inside activity of an artist who is urged with strong emotional and sensual unrests.”

       “On this exhibition he presented himself with oil paintings, on which dominates his favorite motive of fishes (it is usually couple set in symmetrical relation) and it is in metaphysical, undersea area which is saturated with light, as clearly defined form with characteristic shape and measure peculiarities.

       Although he devoted to painting during last years, Mile Albijanic shows remarkable maturity of an artist with prominent expressive note, inspired with unique spirit genius loci, who knows what he wants and he does it in the best and in the most sincere way.”

Historian of art Ljiljana Zekovic