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       Born in 1963, the 19th of October in Niksic. Graduated on Pedagogic Academy in Niksic, Department of fine art. Member of Fine Artists Society in Niksic. Deals with painting, graphics, collage and photography, interior and graphic design.

Joint exhibitions

Works of pedagogues from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Labour University “Djuro Djakovic” – Sarajevo, 1991.
The sixth international biennial of miniature art – Gornji Milanovac, 2000.
The gallery “Forum” Niksic-art, 2002.
The first interbalcan Forum of Contemporary miniature art 2002 Thesaloniki, Greece.
The first spring biennial of miniature Niksic, 2005.
The sixth biennial of watercolour of Serbia and Montenegro – Zrenjanin 2005.
The gallery of NUBS, biennial of collage and assemblages – Belgrade, 2005.
The exhibition of collage in gallery “The house of Djuro Jaksic” – Belgrade, 2005.
The eighth international biennial of miniature art – Gornji Milanovac, 2005.
Joint in inn “Pasha” – Niksic, 2006.
Second international biennial of the fine art nude “Marko K. Gregovic”, 2006.
1nd international digital video art festival, “”, Trebinje, 2006.
2nd international biennial of collage and assemblages, NUBS, Belgrade, 2007
Art gallery 107, graphics 107*107, Belgrade, 2008.
Curtular center, Zrenjanin, art 30*30, Zrenjanin, 2008.
Exhibition graphics, “107x107” Belgrade, 2008.
Septembre’s art salon Niksic, 2008.
Third International Biennial of collage and assemblages, NUBS, Belgrade 2009.

Independent exhibitions

1.The Cultural Artistic Society “Zahumlje” – Niksic, 2000.
2.The club “Tvrdjava” – Podgorica, 2000.
3.The gallery “Stanisic” – Niksic, 2002.
4.Cultural Informational Center “Budo Tomovic” – Podgorica, 2002.
5.The gallery “Dom Sveti Vasilije Ostroski” – Niksic, 2003.
6.Inn “Pasha” – Niksic, 2006.
7.“Crvena komuna” – Petrovac on the seaside, 2006.
8.King bar, hotel Rivijera, Petrovac on the seaside, 2006.
9.The gallery,”Josip Bepo Benkovic”, Herceg novi, 2007.
10.The gallery, “Forum”, Niksic, 2007.
11.The gallery, Cultural Center, Bijelo Polje. 2007.
12.The gallery, “SPA GALLERY”, Igalo, 2008.
13th "Blues Bar" Podgorica, 2008.
14th Gallery International Press Centre, Belgrade, 2009.
15th Gallery Šudikova, Polimska Museum Berane, 2009.
16th Gallery Vitomir Srbljanović, Pljevlja, 2009.