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Danijela Mršulja

Danijela Mršulja
Danijela Mršulja

Danijela Mršulja

Tel: +381 63 7 338 657
+382 69 63 77 62

She was born in September 01, 1979, in Kotor, Montenegro.
Lives and works in Belgrade and Kotor.

2008 Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2008 Member of ULUCG (Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro)
2005-2009 Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, the department of sculpture, Belgrade, in the class of Professor Mrđan Bajić
2000-2005 Graduate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, the department of sculpture, Belgrade
1994-1998 Secondary School of Art, Cetinje, Montenegro

Solo exhibitions:
2009 “In between”, Gallery Center, Podgorica, Montenegro
        “In Medias Res“, Gallery “Belgrade“, Belgrade, Serbia
2008 Kunstzentrum Bosener Muhle, St. Wendel, Germany
        “Pray for parents”, Gothic Karner and “International Gastatelier im Maltator“,
        Gmund in Carinthia, Austria
        “Of Sculptures”, City gallery, Kotor, Montenegro
        Exhibition of sculptures, Zvono gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2002 “Of Sculptures”, Old city gallery, Kotor, Montenegro
        “Of Sculptures”, Vitomir Srbljanović gallery, Pljevlja, Montenegro

Group exhibitions:
2009 Winner team, Zvono gallery, Belgrade
        BJCEM - XIV Biennial of Young Artist from Europe and Mediterranean, “7 Gates”
        Skopje Biennial, Macedonia
        Premio nazionale delle arti 08/Mediterranean workshop, Galleria Arte Contemporanea- Centro Fieristico
        „Le Ciminiere“, Catania, Italy
        Young serbian artists, Zvono gallery, National museum of literature of Ukraine, Kiev
        “Sopoćani Gatherings 08”, curated by Gordana Vasiljević, Multimedia center, Novi Pazar
        “Sopoćani Gatherings 08”, curated by Gordana Vasiljević, Zvono gallery, Belgrade
        42. winter salon, Josip Bepo Benkovic gallery, curated by Anastazija Miranović, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2008 New Year’s exhibition, Gallery “Belgrade“, Belgrade
        Kotor’s fine art artists 2008, City gallery, Kotor, Montenegro
        “The renaissance-dream of beauty”, curated by Milica Radulovic, Saint Maria in Punta, Budva,
        Terratory, BELEF 08, Belgrade
        Exhibition of symposium of sculpture Grbalj 2008, Kotor
        Exhibition of new members of Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro, Podgorica
        41. winter salon, curated by Bogdan Musović, Josip Bepo Benkovic gallery, Herceg Novi
2007 Kotor’s fine art artists 2007, City gallery, Kotor
        Opening of the Celtic sculpture trail, “Cerda & Celtoi” (Art & Celts), Otzenhausen
2006 Festival Free culture, DOB, Belgrade
2005 Exhibition Hugo Boss, Cvijeta Zuzorić Gallery, Belgrade
        Exhibition of student’s, generation 2000-2005 of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2004 “The world of sprites” Gallery Tableau, Novi Sad
        “Uneasiness in space” curated by Vida Knežević, SKC gallery, Belgrade
2004 “Retro-vision”, BELEF 04, Belgrade Summer Festival, Belgrade
2002 Exhibition of drawings and graphics, Thessaloniki
        XXXI exhibition of drawings and small format sculptures, The Youth Centre Gallery, Belgrade
2000 “Without Title” student’s exhibition of the Faculty of Fine Arts, SKC gallery, Belgrade

Artist in Residences:
2008 - Kunstzentrum Bosener Muhle, St.Wendel, Germany
        - Stipend from KulturKontakt Austria, „International Gastatelier im Maltator“, Gmund in Carinthia,

2008 „Sopoćani Gatherings”, Sopocani, Novi Pazar, Serbia
        Grbalj 2008, Grbalj, Kotor, Montenegro
2007 SKULTURA 2001, Sent Andrea, Gorizia, Italia
2006 “Cerda & Celtoi” (Art & Celts) from 2005, European Academy Otzenhausen, Otzenhausen, Germany

Workshops / Projects / Performances:

2009 Mediterranean workshop, Accademia di Belle Arti, Catania, Italy
        Workshop with Vincent Barre, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2008 Project Terratory, Colony Terra and BELEF 08, Kikinda, Serbia
2007 “Who cares about your art?” workshop with Jovana Stokić, Belgrade
        “Performing playing” workshop/performance with Paul Murray, Gallery of Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2006 Critic workshop with Jovana Stokić, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
        Workshop with Richard Deacon, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2005 Performance “The Return”, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
        Workshop with Jannis Kounelis, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
        “The Space of theatrical performance” workshop with Radivoje Dinulović and Dušan Petrović, FIST,
        Festival of the International Student Theatre, Belgrade
2004 Workshop with Jovan Čekić, BELEF 04, Belgrade Summer Festival, Belgrade
2002/2004 “How to send a message” workshop with Milica Tomić, Belgrade/Helsinki
2003 “The concurs” workshop with Jelica Radovanović and Dejan Anđelković, Belgrade

Realized outside sculptures:

2008 Gothic Karner, Gmund in Carinthia, Austria
        Courtyard of sculptures, Kotor, Montenegro
2007 Sent Andrea, Gorizia, Italy
2006 Ringwall, Otzenhausen, Germany

Art fairs:
2009 Art Moscow (with Zvono gallery, Belgrade)
2008 Kunstart, Bolcano (with Zvono gallery, Belgrade)
        Art Moscow, Moscow (with Zvono gallery)
        Viennafair, Vienna (with Zvono gallery)
2008 Fair of art, Budva (with City gallery, Kotor)

2009 Award from 42. winter salon, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2008 Award from 41. winter salon, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
2007 Award from exhibition Kotor’s fine art artists 2007, City gallery Kotor, Kotor
2000 Award for drawing, Faculty of fine arts, Belgrade

2009 - Slobodan Slovinić, „Ambiguous and purely“, daily newspaper Vijesti (News), Podgorica,11th of
        - Nataša Nikčević, „Betwee you and me“, magazine Monitor, Podgorica, 6th of November
        - Milica Radulović, catalogue of exhibition „In between”, Podgorica, Montenegro
        -Gordana Vasiljević, „Fifth element“, daily newspaper Danas (Today), Belgrade, 17th of August
        - Jelena Krivokapić, catalogue of exhibition “In Medias Res“, Gallery “Belgrade“, Belgrade
        - Gordana Vasiljević, catalogue of exhibition of Art Colony “Sopoćani Gatherings 08”, Zvono gallery,
        Belgrade, Serbia
2008 - Milica Radulović, interview “ Simplicity as experience and sense of everything”, ART Centrala: magazine
        for contemporary art, Nr.1, Centre of contemporary art of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro
        - Elisabeth Faller, catalogue of exhibition “Pray for parents“, Gothic Karner and “International Gastatelier
        im Maltator“, Gmund in Carinthia, Austria
        - Milica Radulović, katalog of group exhibition “The renaissance-dream of beauty”,
        curated by Milica Radulović, Saint Maria in Punta, Budva, Montenegro

Web presentations:
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Mother's tears, 2008.

Mother's milk, 2008.

The wall, 2008.

Feet of my mother, 2008.

Gumno, 2007.

Bozanstvena majka (Divine mother), 2006.

The return, 2005.