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Lydia Filipović

„Sophistication, Elegance, Class, Soulful“:

are the words that are usually coming to the mind when you see Lydia Filipović performing.

She is probably one of the best singers in the world in what she does:

a multi-cultural mix of swinging and intricate rhythms, beautiful soulful melodies, perfect phrazing, great arrangements, all of this combining for one purpose, to deliver an intense emotion to the audience.


Her career, started in 1990 when from Belgrade she moved to Athens, leaving her school teacher job to become a professional singer.

Since that turn, her musical career has been a succession of meetings and collaborations with many recognized and great artists.

In Greece she performed with some of the biggest stars

of the Pop & Rock scene such as:

Anna Vissi, Vassili Papaconstandinou or Nikos Karvelas.


During that period, she met and became a very good friend with the jazz pianist Giorgos Kontrafouris, and following his advice, she started to study Jazz, listening and transcribing singers such as Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Reeves.

After a year of intense work, she launched her Jazz career with a three weeks engagement in the main greek club of the time: Mylos ( Thessaloniki).

Her international band was composed of american trumpeter Jim Seeley, argentinian pianist Dario Eskenazi and a french rhythm section:

bassist Olivier Gatto and drummer Roger Biwandu.


In 1993, she had the wish to reach a bigger scene that would give her the opportunity to expand her musical knowledge.

She choose to move to France, a country with a long Jazz past that offered her soon what she was looking for.

Analysing Shirley Horn, Carmen McRae and Abbey Lincoln way of singing, made her develop a more intimate style. While living for 6 years in Paris, she was able to perform with some of the best french musicians from the mainstream scene such as:

Jean Loup Longnon, Carl Schlosser, Daniel Huck, François Laudet ...

and from the more contemporary scene such as:

Pierre de Bethmann, Pascal Gaubert, Barend Middlehoff ....

She also played with some of the best representants of the Jazz in Italy:

Roberto Gatto, Andrea Michelutti, Alex Golino ...

In 1995, she reformed a band, and went on tour in Greece,

with drummer Steve Hass, bass player Olivier Gatto & pianist Vincent Bourgeyx.
Occasionnally for concerts and tours, some young lions of the New York Jazz scene were joining her quartet :

Mark Turner, Eric Alexander, Derrick & Vincent Gardner, Craig Bailey,

Rob Dixon, Kenny Rampton, Andy Farber...

She also led a small big band featuring sax legend

Houston Person & drummer Montez Coleman.

For a year, she was working with the pianist Joe Chindamo ( one of the best musicians of Australia ), time to time with pianist Renato Chicco and she did some duets with the amazing pianist George Cables. The New York’s legendary saxophonist John Stubblefield join her as well for few concerts.


In 2000, she moved to Bordeaux, where finally, away, from the frantic parisian’s life, she was able to concentrate on her own projects, and to work on her own musical identity.

She had then some unforgettable musical moments like being side by side on the stage with the trumpet legend, Clark Terry, and great saxophonist Herb Geller.

They were amazed by her graceful rendition of Jazz standards such as:

"Let's Fall in Love", "I've Got You Under my Skin" ...

Jazz legends Dusko Gojković, Larry Vucković, Stjepko Gut, Dick Griffin, and

magnificent drummer Keith Copeland, joined her for some other memorable performances.


A tasteful arranger, her works on "I'll Remember April" or " Avec le temps",

are always amongst the audience favorites.


The turn of 21st century, was the time for major changes. She started her project „Nekada“.

Based on Yugoslav folk songs, the project is a mix between her origins and her love for Jazz music in an very original way.

A cross-cultural, free-spirited musical concept that has led her to a new step in her musical growth.

Surrounded by a world class band: saxophonists Sam Newsome & Mark Turner, pianist Giorgos Kontrafouris, bassist Olivier Gatto & drummer Jakubu Griffin, she recorded an album full of melancholic, nostalgic, beautiful and powerful musical moments.


With "Nekada" she performed in France, Spain, Greece, Bulgary, Romania & Montenegro.

The band credits have included beside the above musicians, vibraphonist David Patrois, drummer Benjamin Henocq, saxophonist Dimos Dimitriadis...

Today „Nekada“ is consisting of Fred Borey saxophones, Camélia Ben Naceur piano, Olivier Gatto bass and Stefano Lucchini drums.


2005, saw the raise of Lydia’s new project "Mediterraneo".

She sings Greek, French, Italian, Romanian, Montenegrin, Macedonian songs in a totally contemporary way, with new Jazz arrangements from Olivier Gatto's pen.

The Band includes legendary drummer Billy Cobham, kaval player Theodosii Spassov, guitarist Inbar Fridman, pianist Camélia Ben Naceur, and bassist Olivier Gatto.

Different from „Nekada,“ basedmostly on more contemporary material, „Mediterraneo“is a musical trip through the different cultures surrounding the beautiful sea. Dark, joyful, intense, profound , meditative, pride, contemplative, the music of „Mediterraneo“ reflects the spirit of the mediterranean people.


With this new band, Lydia performed at the Bucharest Jazz Festival in October 2005, Nishville Jazz Festival 2006, North City Jazz & Blues Festival in Zvecani (Serbia).

The same musicians joined their forces for a tour in Greece in 2006 with the new project „Butterfly Dreams“ that featured Billy Cobham’s compositions, as well as new arrangements on the songs from the Group Return To Forever.

„Butterfly Dreams“is a lighter project based on latin rhythm, but with sophisticated forms and harmonies: Sun, Dance, Love, Carnival!

In 2007, „Butterfly Dreams“ has evolved towards a more „classical“ instrumentation: voice, trumpet, tenor saxophone, piano, bass & drums

without loosing its quality and originality.


Lydia Filipovic is one of the few singers in Europe able to pass from the Jazz standards to the most contemporary sounds without loosing her personnality. Because she has an inner creative force and a soulful approach, the creators of yesterday and of today, are recognizing in her one of them.

Lydia Filipović contact:

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