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Welcome to the Montenegrin Cultural Portal. It is a project dedicated to the promotion and preservation of Montenegrin culture and heritage.

One part of the project – "" is mainly focused on contemporary Montenegrin culture, arts, happenings and festivals, cultural tourism, promotion of young artists, cross-cultural interactions, creation of connections between institutions, organizations and individuals who work in diverse fields of culture.

Second part of the project is already a „famous brand of the Montenegrin internet space“, and is very well known under the name -

This Digital Library of Montenegrin culture and heritage named „Montenegrina“, is a project that should be considered as one of the most important for culture of of Montenegro. It is meant to be a free online encyclopaedia, created by the visitors, themselves. All our visitors can send us different materials, texts, books, pictures and articles transformed into digital/electronic form, so we can put them on the internet.

This is the first and only project of this kind in Montenegro, and we plan to include many people in our team. Our redaction takes care of development of special areas of the online library.

Since most of the content at the library is contributed by the visitors, the role of the redaction is to overview all of it, to add necessary changes, and to publish it online. All materials must have the name of the author and all other information about the source related to the material, as well as date and place of publishing (if it was published somewhere, before getting to our library).

If you notice that any of the material in our digital library is under special protection of copy rights, please inform us, and we will remove it, immediately.

Why is this project so important?

This is the first and only project of this kind, in the whole Republic of Montenegro.

Preserving rich cultural heritage of Montenegro's 1000 years old history, and promotion of cultural and art scene of this tiny country has great value not just for Montenegro and its people, but for the whole world culture and civilisation.

Apart from Montenegrins themselves, foreigners, travellers, researchers and explorers, students, professors, artists, organizations and other institutions will have great benefits from this project.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, or if you want to take part in the project. Montenegro is a small state that offers a unique mixture of rich culture and heritage, and wild beauties of nature.

So, there’s no doubt. Treasure is . . . Montenegro!



All materials presented on our web site are intended for non-commercial use and for the benefit of people who are not able to obtain the printed version. Printing and selling, or any other type of commercial use is strictly forbidden without permission of authors of the material found here. Part of our web site (Montenegrina.Net) is an open directory, mostly contributed by our visitors. We always specify primary sources of materials that can be found on our web site. In case you find any material that is under some special copyrights or terms of use, please inform us, and we will remove it immidiately. The other information, found on our English web pages, are owned by non-governmental organization "Infomont", who is creator of the project.