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Slađana Vujovic
Reditelj, pisac, glumica

Sladjana Vujović je odrasla u Herceg Novom gdje je završila gimnaziju. Diplomirala je englesku književnost u Beogradu 1980, a u Velikoj Britaniji studirala dramu i matematiku izmedju 1991 - 94. Živi u Londonu gdje od 1993. radi kao reditelj, producent, pisac, prevodilac i glumica. Njeno prvo dramsko ostvarenje na engleskom jeziku (drama “The Tender Mercies” koju je napisala, režirala i u njoj igrala glavnu ulogu), nagradjena je cijenjenom britanskom nagradom Fringe First na festivalu u Edinburgu 1993 u konkurenciji od preko hiljadu pozorišnih komada. Od tada je stavila svoj autorski potpis na veliki broj projekata i radila u UK, USA, Italiji, Indiji, Irskoj, Njemačkoj, Sloveniji, Crnoj Gori i Srbiji. Njen rediteljski stil je prepoznatljiv po multimediajnom pristupu, preplitanju više kulturnih uticaja i originalnoj interpretacija teksta. Kao umjetnički direktor vodila je dvije britanske pozorišne kompanije (Act TC i Mania Productions) i organizovala više medjunarodnih projekata u Londonu. Učestvuje na velikom broju kulturnih manifestacija, a njeni književni radovi su objavljeni u Britaniji i Sloveniji.




“This new play must rank as one of the most powerful in recent years. Vujovic maps out her own territory as her dazzling production … approaches a universal statement.” The Scotsman, UK

“What marks Vujovic’s drama out is the fascinating way it demonstrates how language can become an effective weapon of war.” The Guardian, UK

“The quality, relevance and insight of The Tender Mercies herald the arrival of a major new talent.”

Gerald Lindstone (In the Foreword to “Eastern Promise” anthology of plays), UK

“Apart from Vujovic’s gritty use of language, what makes the play so engrossing is the way in which she drip-feeds the information to the audience.” What’s On, UK

“The language buzzes with colloquial fizz as playwright Sladjana Vujovic mimes mundaneness of evil with playful wit and measured menace.” Sunday Times, UK

“The Tender Mercies is an unflinching look at the ways in which war robs everyone of their humanity - from the prisoners to the soldiers who captured them.”

The Irish Times, Republic of Ireland

Varja Đukić u londonskoj produkciji Banović Strahinje


“The play is superbly directed by Sladjana Vujovic…beautifully told through sound, extraordinary visuals and lighting. The images are evocative and chilling calling to mind the wars of the last millennia, conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and the events of September 11. Do not miss this show. It is an extraordinary and extremely important work of art. “ NYTheatre , New York, USA

“A delight…unique and beautiful.” Backstage, New York, USA

“Unusually riveting… hard and dazzling like a beautiful diamond.”

The Guardian, UK

“Awe inspiring… the pinnacle of the Festival.” The Evening Advertiser, Swindon Festival, UK

“Brilliantly directed by Sladjana Vujovic.” The Asian Age, New Delhi, India

Men do not go to War over Women u Budvi 2002

Iz pisama publike

“I almost feel as if the experience of the play has changed me in some fundamental way. I had to ask myself: where do I stand, really, in relation to our divisive and violent society? I tend to think that as long as the performances I take responsibility for are honest and true, that's enough. It's not.”

David St George, musical advisor to Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, New York, US

“A powerful and poetic affirmation of love and life.”

Peter Ainsworth MP, London, UK



“Immensely memorable production. The action is so immediate you are drawn into the room as an intimate witness.” The Stage, UK

“”Vujovic’s adaptation of Strindberg's most famous drama is both highly emotive and intellectually challenging… the production creates a fly-on-the-wall intensity, highlighting the emotional minefield created by the paradoxes that the characters grapple with.” Ham & High, UK

“Vujovic brilliantly brings out the black humour lurking beneath the surface, which helps to draw us into this claustrophobic world. A hugely enjoyable production of a classic play.” What’s On, UK



“Vujovic shows a refreshing grasp of her material, with conventional meanings of security, trust and blind faith thrown into question but never overstated. Recommended.” What’s On, UK

“Utterly engrossing…impeccable rhythm … constantly delightful production. “

Delo , Slovenia


“It is Sladjana Vujovic’s Dorra who is the real object of the play’s study, and she is as earthily self-possessed as she is lonely and terrified. Thanks to her, the play achieves its goalof embodying and personalising this bloody conflict.”

Evening Standard, UK

“Sladjana Vujovic as Dorra beautifully charts the conflict between physical revulsion at carrying a child of war and the growth of a defiant meternalism.” The Guardian UK

“Detailed, focused and supremely intelligent work…Vujovic’s performance is tremendously eloquent and spare.” What’s On, UK

“An excellently observed performance.” Metro, UK

“Sladjana Vujovic (is) remarkable as a terrified, withdrawn Dorra.” The Stage, UK


“Vujovic herself plays the gun-toting mistress of horror. Her observations are well refined and clearly thought out, capturing the true essence.” What’s On, UK

“The author is excellent in the part, conveying sadism all the more sinister for being superficially soft.” The Stage, UK